Monday, February 23, 2009

Ward Split

I wish I could spend more time and get caught up on my blog, I am now into december and I haven't taken too many pictures in January so maybe I will get there, I just wanted to say that our ward had a ward split on Feb 14th and Feb 22 was the first time we met without part of our ward. We gained 3 families and lost 75 families. It will be sad not to meet with many of my friends each week. I will still see them though because they are still in our builiding and they meet the block before us.

I am currently the cub master and we are having our blue and Gold on Feb 24th. I am not ready for it, and need to spend some time today getting ready for it. Jesse is sick and I am taking him to the Dr.s this afternoon.

Baby Gracie is sick and had a heart transplant Sunday that was not completely sucessful. The left side of the heart did not beat very strong and now she is hooked up to life support I feel so bad for my brother and his family. They aare really being tested right now.

Building a snow cave

We had the most amount of snow we have had since I moved to Boise 13 years ago this year. So the boys got to spend time out building snow men and snow caves, but the snow was not really the right wetness to make snow ment much.

So they spent this afternoon with shovels and made a huge mound of snow, it almost was enough to make it a cave but I give them full credit for trying.

Jesse has as much fun playing teatherball as he did digging. Being out side it great fun for the boys, I don't like it very much.

Roller Skating in December

Here is Hunter his very first time at a skating rink. He had on fisher price skates and he did pretty well for his first time. He had fun and wants to go back soon.

Here is Jesse hanging out in the corner of the rink. He needs help to get up there because it is so far off of the ground but once up there he can hang for a while.

Hunter is getting the hang of this. He got good enough that he could go around in the loop and he even did the limbo in the middle.

Jesse being cool. It is funny to watch him flirt with the girls when he can't stay on his feet long enough to impress them, but he still has fun trying.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Feast

Hunter and his class made costumes to be girls are pilgrams and Boys are indians. They sure were cute pilgrams and indians. They spent weeks in preparation to finally have this event come together. Here is hunter with some of the kids in his class.

Hunter is sitting at his place. He made the placemat, the apple turkey the Turkey in an icecream cone with candy and they even had stations set up to help cook the food.

Just before they sat down to eat they all lined up so that they could show off their costumes and parents could snap a group picture.

Here is Hunter's place setting. He made everything that you see here. It was so much fun to see him tell me about how he made all of these things. He enojoyed being so involved in the getting ready part.

Hunter is next to Ernie and 2 girls standing in line, just before they ate and all the parents were setting up the place settings and serving food the class went around all of the other classes and paraded around the room showing off their costumes. It was fun to watch their faces light up as kids would say you made those costumes and look how cute they look.

Jesse's 7th Birthday

With Jesse's birthday being so close to Halloween sometimes he likes to wear his costume for his birthday so we started off with costumes but as the evening progressed the costume came off and we just had a nice evening.

Here are the Grandmas and and Aunt Sue sitting together watching Jesse open presents. He got a lot of Starwars things. He is really big into starwars right now. The cape he is wearing in the above picture was suppose to make him look like the emperor, he wasn't that impressed but tried it on for size.

Jesse opening presents. HIs favorite part.

Since Grandma and Jesse share a birthday and Jeremy has a late October birthday we got a cake for them and included Aunt Sue since she has a late October birthday as well. Fun party.

Chuck E Cheese

So Patrick had a birthday party at chuck e cheese. It was a costume party so hunter dressed up ast batman, he couldn't see out of his mask very well, but he had so much fun being in a costume. I bought them a lot of tokens and they played games for about an hour, we had cake and drinks and had a nice outing.

Here is Jesse out of costume. He really didn't want to wear one so I didn't make him but he really got the hang of some of the games and it was deffinately a fun time had by all. Patrick had a lot of friends show up and he got some really cool presents. Some times I wonder why I don't do this for the kids,

Jesse just shot a basket on the basketball game for tickets. He was doing it one handed because he didn't want to put his tokens down. It was cute.

Oct 31 and Nov 1st with Aunt Sue

It was so nice to have Aunt Sue with us. We are at Grandma Wiser's home in this picture, we were able to do fun activities while she was here, marshmellow roasts, she taught the kids a skit that they performed to Mom and I, we sang her favorite songs, oh meres eat oats, I love you a bushel and a peck, do your ears hang low and more.

We also went to Grandma Evans for Football, birthday for Jesse and a nice family outing. We had a lot of fun and it was so great to see my family all gathered together, so I snapped a picture of the gathering.

Aunt Sue came all dressed up for Halloween and the kids got in their costumes ready for Trunk or Treating. She had a skull shirt on that was so festive. It was great to have her during all of the fun activities. She couldn't have picked a better day to come. Halloween, birthdays, football. We really did have a great time.